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Wooden toilet seats

Wooden toilet seats

Posted by Aston Matthews on 17th May 2021

Recent research into wellness design in the home has highlighted that plants as well as natural materials, such as wood and stone, increase our sense of wellbeing.

It is easy to introduce plants into the bathroom, in fact many house plants originated in the tropics and therefore thrive in a warm, steamy environment. There are also ways to incorporate other natural materials including wooden floors, natural stone basins and marble worktops.

And to complete that look, consider a wood toilet seat. It’s a small addition to the bathroom but can make a big difference, transforming the look of your WC. Aston Matthews sells wood toilet seats across two price brackets. The RW wooden toilet seat and cover is available in a variety of wood finishes, from oak and walnut to mahogany. Choose chrome, brass or nickel hinges and the option for soft close toilet seats.

But if you want a little bit more, the GW luxury soft close wooden toilet seat is in solid wood, with an ebonised finish, and the choice of brushed brass, polished brass or bronze hinges.

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