Living Finishes: unlacquered brass taps and fittings

Aston Matthews prides itself on the quality of its products and in particular the quality of raw materials used to make those products. Cheaper imitations use lower quality brass containing mixed alloys resulting in uneven finishes that don’t polish as well. Some suppliers also lacquer their brassware to give a glossy finish, these fittings are often cheaper, but the lacquer is susceptible to chipping and peeling. Our unlacquered brass taps and bathroom fittings are of the highest quality.

At Aston Matthews taps \ brassware, showers, accessories, lighting and heating are available in matching ranges so that you can repeat the style you like across the bathroom.

Acme scuffed brass range

If you choose one of our brass or bronze ranges the fittings will not be lacquered, but instead have a ‘Living Finish’.

Living finishes will develop over time and mature to develop a characterful patina – a darkened look reminiscent of antique brass. How you treat the living finish comes down to personal taste; some people prefer to maintain a bright shiny look whereas others favour a darker, more rustic appearance.

Some examples of our unlacquered living finishes are: Polished brass: A polished glossy finish that over time will darken and develop a characterful patina. To maintain the polished shine, clean with Brasso and a soft cloth. Polishing with beeswax will reduce the rate of patina.


Polished brass maintained


Polished brass left to age naturally

Unlacquered Brushed brass and Scuffed brass: A matt brass that will also darken and develop a characterful patina. Polishing with Brasso and a soft cloth will reduce this, whilst the gentle use of a Scotch Brite cloth will maintain the brushed matt look.

Unlacquered Urbanite bronze: A dark finish created by galvanic oxidation of the brass. Overtime the lighter brass will shine through.

Unlacquered Aged brass: A dark brass finish that over time, on areas of high contact such as handles, the lighter brass will begin to show through whereas un-touched areas will darken and oxidise to create a beautiful & distinct lustre.

Living Finishes are unlacquered and will change over time with high-contact areas such as handles maturing faster.

Other factors that may contribute to the evolution of the finish are humidity, sunlight & cleaning. As with all our brassware we advise against using scouring powders and abrasive cloths. Limescale remover may be used but only strictly in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Lemon juice is the natural alternative and very effective.

All our finishes are on display at both our Islington and Guildford showrooms where you can see varying stages of the different finishes.

Samples are available upon request.

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