Built in Baths / Bathtubs

A Buyer’s Guide to Built-in Baths / Bathtubs

We sell a variety of built in baths / bathtubs to suit all budgets and any design scheme. Whether single or double ended, our enamelled steel and cast-iron inset baths are versatile, practical and highly durable. We hold them in stock for prompt delivery and most carry a 30-year guarantee.

At Aston Matthews we don’t sell plastic baths. All our built-in baths / bathtubs are either premium quality enamelled steel or cast iron. Both these materials are highly resistant to scratches and staining, retain heat and will look good in your bathroom for many years to come.

There is an array of inset baths to choose from including twin ended baths for a relaxing soak or single ended baths, with one squared end, most suitable if you wish to install an over-bath shower. Scroll through the options below to find built in baths both with and without tap holes allowing you the option to mount the taps on the bath or on the wall. We also sell a mini bath for smaller bathrooms and a corner bath to make the most of an awkward space.

There are a wide variety of sizes to choose from with our inset baths measuring 1080mm, 1180mm, 1240mm, 1400mm, 1500mm, 1600mm, 1700mm or 1800mm long.

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