Cast Iron Baths

When you buy your cast iron bath from Aston Matthews you are investing in the highest quality product from the originator of the design, at the best possible price. You could pay a lot more elsewhere for an inferior product. Or you can come to Aston Matthews and be sure of:

Titanium-based class AA enamel, which is resistant to acidic and alkaline products, unlike the less hard-wearing Zirconium-based enamel found on cheap copies, often manufactured in the Far East. Zirconium-based enamel may lose its gloss within a couple of years, but Titanium enamel, as found on all Aston Matthews cast iron baths, helps to preserve a unique gloss and shine over a very long period

A beautifully primed exterior, with a smooth finish ready to accept your choice of paint and colour (excludes Bateau polished exterior and Epoca aluminium exterior). The majority of cast iron baths found elsewhere are not ready-primed, or as smooth.

Bath feet or supports included in the price

And remember...

Many baths in the marketplace which include the word ‘cast’ in their description are composite material and not actual cast iron

You should not need to reinforce your floor! The myth that cast iron baths are too heavy has been largely encouraged by manufacturers of acrylic baths who wish to promote the merits of their own products

Cast iron bathtubs can be installed in new and older properties, after all in Victorian times all baths were made of cast iron

Hot water temperature can be maintained in a cast iron bath, for a relaxing, luxurious soak

There is simply no substitute for cast iron. No other material can provide the unique depth of glossy finish achieved with our Titanium-based class AA enamel

Aston Matthews stocks the largest selection of high quality new cast iron bathtubs in Britain. Take a look at our wide range and you will discover the lowest prices for the highest quality, not a cheap copy. All models are usually in stock for immediate delivery.

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