Close Coupled Toilets

A buyer’s guide to Close Coupled Toilets

Unlike a wall hung toilet, close coupled toilets sit on the floor making them easier to install, especially if you are replacing like for like. In addition, a close coupled toilet is supplied as a complete item with the cistern fitting directly onto the back of the pan so there is no need to order the items separately.

If you have decided a close coupled toilet is for you, there is plenty of choice in terms of design, making it easy for you to pick the perfect model for your style of bathroom. Burley, Carlton and Elysee are all traditional close coupled toilets with detailed ceramic and the option of a wooden seat. For a more contemporary look consider Vero or Starck which both have a modern, streamlined appeal.

With all new toilets check the width (remember the cistern is often the widest part) and the projection of the pan before you buy, to ensure your new toilet will fit the available space.

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