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Painting your bath

Painting your bath

Posted by Aston Matthews on 7th Dec 2020

One of the joys of a cast iron bath is that you can paint the exterior to match or contrast with your décor. Spray painting will give a more even finish but it is also possible to paint your bath using a brush and a steady hand. Choose a paint that is suitable for use on a metal surface and is water resistant.

All Aston Matthews’ new cast iron baths are supplied with a superior, smoothed and primed exterior allowing you to paint them at home. And once you have your cast iron bath you can update the look as often as you like. It is surprising how different the same bath can look when painted a different colour.

Aston Matthews stocks the largest selection of new cast iron baths in Britain from traditional designs, such as the Rimini roll top bath on claw feet.

Shown here the Astonian Marina cast iron bath painted mint green and bubble gum pink:

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