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Five Ideas For Summer Bathrooms

Five Ideas For Summer Bathrooms

Posted by Aston Matthews on 27th Mar 2016

1. Bucket basin. Replace a countertop basin with a smart new bowl shaped design. The simple yet stylish Cono countertop basin is the perfect place to wash off sand and sunscreen after a fun day on the beach

2. Back to nature. Capture the essence of sun bleached driftwood with the solid oak S Line bathroom unit. With an integral basin and a large drawer to keep your bathroom clutter free the unit is wall hung which helps create the illusion of space in a small bathroom

3. Top coat. One of the joys of a cast iron bath is that you can paint the exterior to match your décor. Aston Matthews baths are supplied with a primed exterior allowing you to paint the tub at home.

4. Enjoy the view. A minimal shower screen is unobtrusive in the bathroom and lets you enjoy the view. Aston Matthews offers a bespoke service so that frameless glass panels can be cut to fit the space exactly.

5. Nautical theme. Even if you don’t live by the sea you can create a themed bathroom by papering the walls with old nautical charts. Shells and junk shop finds, such as an enamel jug, will complete the look. Choose classic bathroom fittings such as the Carlton pedestal basin and Tradition cross head taps.

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