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copper baths and basins

copper baths and basins

Posted by Aston Matthews on 15th Dec 2021

Copper Baths and Basins

Freestanding roll top baths will always create a focal point in the bathroom, so why not make even more of an impact by investing in a striking copper bathtub?

Aston Matthews’ new Astonian Copper bathtubs are available in a variety of finishes. For the bath exterior choose antique copper, polished copper, verdigris effect or a selection of painted finishes. And for the bath interior choose antique copper, polished copper or polished nickel.

There are also advantages to using a copper bath. Copper is a great conductor which means that once the bath is filled the water retains an even temperature throughout and stays hotter for longer. Copper baths are also made from recycled copper and are themselves fully recyclable so they are far better for the environment than acrylic baths.

Aston Matthews’ copper bathtubs come in two lengths either 1500mm or 1700mm long and to complete the look, roll top copper basins are also available.


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