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The Merits Of A New Cast Iron Bath

The Merits Of A New Cast Iron Bath

Posted by Aston Matthews on 19th Nov 2015

Customers to our Islington shop who show an interest in our range of new cast iron baths sometimes express concerns about their size and weight. True, you need two strong men to lift a cast iron bath upstairs - but for 30 minutes inconvenience you will enjoy a lifetime of pleasure.

However, it is a common misconception that the bathroom floor has to be reinforced to take the weight of a cast iron bath. In reality a cast iron bath full of water and a bather is only the equivalent weight to four people, and you would allow four people to stand in your bathroom without expecting them to crash through the floor.

Finally, it is better to buy a new cast iron bath than refurbish an antique model.There is very little difference in price, the position and size of the tap holes on Victorian baths are not always suited to modern taps, and once the enamel is damaged it is impossible to fully repair, even if you have the bath resurfaced.

A new cast iron bath looks good, feels good and will add a sense of authenticity to any bathroom scheme either contemporary bathroom or modern.

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