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Finishes For Brass Taps

Finishes For Brass Taps

Posted by Aston Matthews on 1st Jul 2020

Scuffed brass, natural brass, polished brass, lacquered brass, antique brass, aged brass. Brass taps are increasingly popular in the bathroom and there are a variety of finishes to choose from, to help you select the right finish for your particular scheme here is what you need to know.

Patina is a natural tarnish that forms on the surface of brass and other metals. If you prefer to maintain the shine on your new brass taps they will need to be polished. However, where we used to do everything to keep our taps shiny, there is now an increasing demand for taps with a characterful surface patina, this will happen naturally resulting in an aged/antique finish. One of our clients recently replaced her brass taps and asked why the shiny new tap no longer matched other bathroom fittings, we were able to reassure her that the initial shine would soon mellow with everyday use.

Some polished brass taps are lacquered to help maintain the shine and should be cleaned carefully to avoid damaging the lacquer coating. We do not offer lacquered brass taps as once the lacquer begins to break down you are left with a finish which is neither one thing or the other. Our un-lacquered taps can be polished or not to provide you with the finish you want.

And finally, scuffed and brushed brass has a matt finish. This look was particularly popular last year and looks set to continue in popularity for 2020.

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