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Wallpaper in the bathroom

Wallpaper in the bathroom

Posted by Aston Matthews on 5th Aug 2019

The trend for maximal design continues and no more so than in the bathroom, with decorative metals such as bronze and brass being used for taps and accessories and bold colour choices for tiles.

Taking this trend a stage further sees the increased use of wallpaper in the bathroom. But is it sensible to paper bathroom walls? Providing the wallpaper is not directly next to the bath or shower it won’t get splashed, however you should also consider the ventilation. If you have good ventilation most wallpapers will be suitable for the bathroom, however if your bathroom turns into a steam room every time someone runs the hot tap you are advised to seek out water resistant wallpapers with a thick vinyl coating and invest in ventilation.

Choosing to wallpaper your bathroom or cloakroom can dramatically transform the space. It is also cheaper and easier to update and change compared to tiles.

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