Wall Hung Toilets / WCs

A buyer’s guide to Wall Hung WCs

Wall hung or wall mounted WCs are hung on the wall rather than set on the floor. The wallmount toilet is supported on a sturdy steel frame which can hold several hundred kilograms in weight and, with the cistern, is concealed in the wall.

Floating toilets add a sleek, contemporary finish to the bathroom. You will, however, need a builder to construct a false wall to conceal the support frame and cistern. This can then be plastered or tiled to match the rest of the room.

What are the benefits of wall hung?

Without the cistern visible and by being suspended off the floor your wall mounted WC will look contemporary and help to make a small space appear bigger. These toilets are also easy to clean around. Another advantage is that a wall hung WC can be fitted at your required height – useful if you are a wheelchair user. And, if space allows, why not consider a matching bidet to create an attractive symmetry in the bathroom.

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